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1st Review of Jael.In a Tent. With a Spike. — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Kelli – I just bought Supernatural Hypocrisy. If you had the fortitude and guts to research and write it, the least I can do is buy the book rather than sneak the taster.
    Happy Easter! I’ll be back to you with questions, I’m sure – great work. Congratulations.

    • Thanks so much, Diana! I appreciate the support. Someone just gave me a pissy little review on one of the excerpts a while ago, so i went to his site and left one of my own. Amazing what people do. His review was on Thatness & Whatness, and only said
      “Review by: Brent Adams on March 31, 2013 : star
      Not impressed. Doesn’t seem well thought out or researched.”

      So i looked at his wordpress site, and it was one of those generic, newly made ones with all the defaults still up, and i left a snarky comment:
      “Kelli Jae Baeli on April 1, 2013 at 3:49 am said:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.
      Your site “doesn’t seem well-thought out or researched.” How does that feel?
      Before you slam someone else’s work on smashwords, perhaps you should read the whole book rather than an excerpt–and as for your comments, it took 3 years of research-something like 475 references from reputable sources, and it was nothing BUT well-thought out and researched. I spent my whole life compiling for that book, and working on it, to some degree, and also studied under a bible scholar. So how about you keep your opinion to yourself until you know what you’re talking about?”

      i just get so weary of that sort of thing. sigh.

      • Whomever Is Up There save me from snippy know-it-alls.
        I started a blog last year (as if I don’t have enough to do anyway) and am absolutely not very good at it yet; but I did put up a new entry today which you might enjoy. Well I hope so, given what we’ve been talking about lately! It’s http://dianasimmonds.wordpress.com/ and I have no idea how to tell you other than cut and paste that.

        • for real! and i think i just read that one–the WINKING one you were telling me about? That was GREAT. I commented.

          • Thanks Kelli – I hope you’re – even now – winking at Kate and bumping her hip. Have a great night.

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