KUDOS!!!! NJOY Alternative Smoking Device

[mirror post from Kudos & Kudzu] I am happy to report that my newest purchase regarding my health has proved an effective and outstanding solution. I speak of the NJoy Alternative Smoking device. This was my Xmas gift to myself. … Continue reading

What I’m Getting Myself for Xmas.

When I was in college during the early part of the 90’s, (my second foray into academia) I had to do one of those presentations for speech in which your group invents a product and then does the sales pitch … Continue reading

The A.I. of Theists:

(Or, “Who’s the Pinhead, Now, O’Reilly?”) [Excerpt from my book, Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of God Cosmology] THE ARGUMENTS GIVEN BY many theists, especially those of the fundamentalist variety, can be referred to quite accurately as A.I.–Artificial Intelligence, AKA … Continue reading

Whining Pariah

Colorado…….I’m sure there are kindreds out there (I do have a fabulous best friend, 2 hrs away, but i mean OTHERS). I am so anxious to meet all the people in the social groups I’ve joined online already. The degree … Continue reading

Anything But Zen

Disclaimer: This post in no way represents any doubt about what I believe as far as religion. This is just part of the journey when you seek the truth. Some of it will be hard for your emotional-self to assimilate. … Continue reading

Things i don’t need.

  I don’t need ovaries, nor the monthly hemorrhaging that evolution has foisted upon me; this survival mechanism meant to perpetuate the species via progeny. I have not and will not ever experience life in my womb (apparently not even … Continue reading

The Benefits of Well-Feeding

Though I have had moments–and those moments often stretched into days and weeks and sometimes months–of a Dry Writing Well…I should never allow myself to worry about it too actively. I always reach a point where my well is filled … Continue reading

2nd Presidential Debate

Okay, so I watched the 2nd Presidential Debate yesterday (recorded it). Although some pundits thought it was boring and less interesting that the first one, i beg to differ. I thought it was MORE interesting. Now, granted, the information both … Continue reading