Voice: First & Third Person

One of the most difficult things to master for me (and many other writers) is VOICE. This challenge trudges through the morass of other subjects like past tense vs. present tense, or past perfect tense, flashbacks, omniscience. . . Which … Continue reading

Cause for ConCERN?

Have you heard about our potential annihilation? France is building a “doomsday machine” according to Internet Whistle-blowers. For an overview of these fears, refer to Misunderstood Universe website. CERN, or European Center for Nuclear Research (which makes no sense, unless … Continue reading

Style Editing: Word Choice & Attribution

What is meant by a writer’s “style”? I’m not referring to MLA or Harvard or APA style; nor am I referring to terms such as “expository,” “Journalistic,” or “academic.” In the context of book authors, I’m talking about a writer’s … Continue reading

I Don’t Keep Hoardly Anything

….Looking at the Hoard Mentality Every so often, when I’m doing Spring cleaning, or having guests over I want to impress, I look around and think: Hark! I might be mental. I think I’m a hoarder. I’m reorganizing and cleaning, … Continue reading

Medical Professionals Were NOT Stunned

The sexually ambiguous humans among us are here to stay. Regarding the Oregon man, Thomas Beatie, who claims to be pregnant… I suspected when I heard the headline that he either had a sex change or was a hermaphrodite AKA … Continue reading

Brain Dump: Mortality & Meaning

Okay, I know this is going to be less a blog, and more a journal entry, but whatever. Consider it the first in a series of brain dumps. <<–Look, i even made a graphic for it…. Onward…. I usually try … Continue reading

Catching Hell From the Hellish

Even within my own “supposed” community, the community assigned to me by virtue of my sexual preference, I catch hell in the online dating realm, whenever I complain about the content of insipid emails from the dull and ignorant on … Continue reading

Red Light Needs a Green Light

The oldest bordello in the red light district of Hamburg Germany has closed its doors. The madam cites a lack of business for the closure. Let me get this clear…sex isn’t selling anymore? That place has been around since 1948, … Continue reading