Richard Dawkins at Lynchburg Women’s College (pt. 1)

PART 1: Richard Dawkins reads excerpts from The God Delusion and answers questions at Randolph-Macon Woman’s College in Lynchburg, Virginia on October 23, 2006. This Q&A features many questions from Jerry Falwell’s Liberty “University” students. … Continue reading

The God Banana

On YouTube, recently, a video was posted of a Christian program called “The Way of the Master” wherein the hosts, Ray Comfort and actor, Kirk Cameron gave their argument for creationism based on the “design” of a banana. Included in … Continue reading

Thatness And Whatness

(from my book in progress, Supernatural Hypocrisy: The Cognitive Dissonance of a God Cosmology”) Existence and essence–two things we are prevented from knowing about god from within the Christian faith. Why would we adopt a lifestyle, belief system, code, or … Continue reading