Her Floxiness in 3D

Yeah. Just as I suspected. Floxy turned out to be……..A spam-I-Need-your-help-in-the-form-of-your wallet…what do you think I should do, Dear Readers? Maybe I should contact her and tell her I am heartbroken that she only wanted my money and that I … Continue reading

Who are you, WHO WHO

Mirror-posted from my forum, Vaporist[new comments in red] Submitted to World Health OrganizationI must protest about the comments made by Douglas Bettcher in an article here: In it, Bettcher is attributed to the statement that, “The World Health Organization says … Continue reading


The word “Ditto” means another of the same, a duplicate, a copy. What I have been experiencing here, with people, is ditto. Just when I might feel my faith in people resurrecting, a little ditto happens and that faith is … Continue reading

Brain Sex

For the first time in a long time, I feel that there might just be better things on the horizon for me. I had a phenomenal 6+ HOUR conversation last night on the phone, and it made me so happy … Continue reading

I’m having (gulp) good luck.

Things seem to be trending my way. Anyone who knows my recent history knows that that is a milestone all by itself. I have been too isolated for a long time and have been trying to arrange a relocation to … Continue reading