Reading, Muses, Curses & the Pick-A-Project-Polka.

  Since completing the third and fourth books (simultaneously) of the AKA Investigations series, I am doing that Pick-A-Project-Polka; a dance we writers do when we’re trying to decide what we feel like working on next; we listen to our … Continue reading

Lunacy Factor: Make My Day (Excerpt)

excerpt from Also Known As Rising & Falling ( AKA Investigations Series, Book 4) Ginger had stepped outside to make sure that Payne Hollister left the premises. She wished she could have arrested him, but the crime had been so … Continue reading

AKA # 4: Also Known as Rising & Falling -Now Available!

Now available on Smashwords: Book 4 in the Aka Investigations Series, Also Known as Rising & Falling. (Book 3 was just made available a few days ago–read that one first! And if you haven’t read #1 and #2, read them … Continue reading

Also Known As Syzygy now available!

Now Available!!! Also Known as Syzygy, book 3 in the AKA Investigations series SYNOPSIS: On December 3, 2012, Saturn, Venus & Mercury aligned. On that same night, three women align to see that justice is done. Ponzi Bonnet thought she … Continue reading