Domino Bones

…Average Morning Weirdness… This morning, I rolled over to greet my honey, as she sat down on the bed (she almost always rises before I do). I heard three pops–one in my right shoulder, one in my neck, one in … Continue reading

Irony-Fest on Giving it Away

Welcome to the Irony-Fest, please sign in and wear your name tags. This topic has become a comedy of ironies. Herein lies the oft-repeated back-handed compliments and erroneous and mixed opinions we authors often deal with, in relation to our … Continue reading

Giving it Away:1st review

So, got the first review on the eArticle I published today on Smashwords. The article is Giving it Away : Spoilers as Both Noun & Accusation (Why Book Reviews Matter & How to Write a Proper One)   Review by: … Continue reading

Giving it Away Giveaway

In response to the unusual interest paid to one of my recent blogs, Giving it Away: Spoilers as Both Noun & Accusation, I decided I  would publish that entry in digital form, so I could spread the word. I will … Continue reading

Gun Laws: the Truth is in the Middle

In a sign-meme on Facebook recently, there was a quote by Ronald Reagan: “I do not believe in taking away the right of the citizen for sporting, for hunting and so forth, or for home defense. But I do believe … Continue reading

Giving it Away: Spoilers as Both Noun & Accusation

Directly out of the chute, let me say this is coming from myself as both a writer and a reader. One compelling reason (among others) that I became an author, was due to my disappointment in the offerings of a … Continue reading

Reproach Beyond a Dog (poem)

(I wrote this poem years ago, but now understand even more why this issue is such a big deal for me. As an HSP, certain stimuli is maddening to me, and the barking of a dog is probably the number … Continue reading

Glaring Errors

  This is a wide subject area, but I want to focus on just a few things. As a segue, I have to share this post I came across. I was on a forum where people were posting for help … Continue reading

“…be prepared for some major shocks “

NEW REVIEW OF: Also Known as Syzygy Book Three in the AKA Investigations Series Ponzi Bonnet has a perfect marriage, or so she thinks. Her husband, Garrison, is impotent, which suits Ponzi. She can’t have sex due to earlier problems … Continue reading