Oh Victory in Earworms (A Melodious Malady)

Kelli Jae Baeli #IronyoftheDay I’m an atheist, & yet I woke up with a HYMN stuck in my head. I’d pray to God to make it stop, but then, well. You know. Pasted from <https://www.facebook.com/jaebaeli> Yeah, that was my status … Continue reading

Going Mainstream

CAUTION: FRUSTRATED RANT HOVERING NEARBY. When you find yourself, as a writer, lamenting about why you’re even writing at all, and entertaining the idea of not writing any more, something has to change. I’m growing more and more frustrated with, … Continue reading

Scott Crowder Interview of me on House of Fists (reblog)

reblog Kelli Jae Baeli   My favorite of her book covers. Grumpy Cat cracks me the hell up. Kelli Jae Baeli is different from most of the writers I interview here at The House of Fists in that it was … Continue reading

Scribe’s Melancholia, Literary Mind-Expansion & 50 Shades of Grape

  I’m in a bit of a funk, a tizzy, a doldrum (take your pick) about writing at the moment. (I know it’s not just me, since my wife is also a writer, and  suffering the same condition–call it Scribe’s … Continue reading