Don’t be part of the problem

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. We’ve all heard that mantra, but it’s true. Recently, I was caught at just the right moment (inopportune, maybe) by a post a “writer” made, asking for help … Continue reading

Toward the Light

I was reworking the cover for In Absentia (Rain Falls series #2), which I released fairly quickly after Rain Falls, and it sort of fell through the cracks like an orphan. Someone mentioned that I had a bunch of new … Continue reading

Adventures in Indie Publishing, Incident #227:

Amazon informed me that they pulled my book, Rain Falls, off sale, because they were getting too many complaints from readers about a chunk of missing text in the digital version. I realized immediately what was happening, and I rolled … Continue reading

The Pitfall of Literary Segregation

I believe it is a pitfall to think that fiction for lesbians is all that different from/than fiction for straight people. And I can say that as a person who reads largely mainstream fiction, and very little of what is … Continue reading

A Bowl of Cherries Vs. Sucking Beetroot

Greetings, Precious Readers. As most of you know, I’ve had a rather eventful few years. Yes, i found the love of my life, and we are now happily engaged to be married. But getting to this point was a path … Continue reading

“well-written, quick, entertaining read with very engaging characters.”

  A Review of Also Known as Rising and Falling, by Kelli Jae Baeli Posted on June 24, 2014 by wspice4815 under lesbian protagonist(s), Mystery READ JUNE 2014 ONLINE SUMMARY – Jobeth O’Brien discovers that even when she’s out of commission, due … Continue reading

Pitfall and the Scoop

Somehow I got tag-teamed. TT Thomas and Kathleen Wheeler both tagged me for this Blog Hop, My Writing Process. I suppose i could post this twice, but maybe just once will do. It’s not like the Blog Hop Nazis will … Continue reading

Writer as Reader, Reader as Writer

I’m in a strange netherworld, literarily speaking. I love reading but only good books, and I am of course an author myself, and also a lesbian, and also an author who writes for lesbians, but also for what I see … Continue reading

Good Writers Aren’t Good Accidentally

I received another message from a reader who wanted to know when the third book in the Rain Falls series would be available. And another reader who wanted to know when the 6th on the AKA Investigations series would be … Continue reading

Holding Saddlehorn

There is nothing quite like riding high on a successful book. But I’m holding onto the saddle horn with both hands, because I know that at any moment that horse can dart to one side and throw me. And I … Continue reading

Rain Falls hits #1 on Amazon!

After only a week of sales, my book, Rain Falls reached #1 on Amazon in its genre. {happy dance} BLURB:  India Bell is looking for a regular writing gig to supplement her royalties. She ends up with two assignments … Continue reading

Syzygy gets GLOWING review!

WHILE BLINKING AWAY HAPPY TEARS::: If I never get another review in my life, this will suffice. I have never been so overjoyed by not only how well this reviewer understood what i was trying to accomplish–on EVERY LEVEL–with Also … Continue reading

Careless Editors & Languishing in Romantical Writer-Myths

What’s wrong with this sentence? “My only child was struck and killed by a car riding a bicycle home from the beach one afternoon in September.” (From Enon, by Paul Harding) So, there was this car riding a bicycle to … Continue reading