Thoughts on The Thief of Time by John Boyles

I have missed sitting down with a physical book and reading. My recent decision to take a sabbatical and just allow myself to be creative and deadline-free, had me standing in front of my fiction bookshelf, seeking something new. Something … Continue reading

That Whooshing Sound

Message in a bottle… After almost two years of struggle with the vicissitudes of Indie writing and publishing, I have, I believe, come up with a solution to all that has been vexing me, and keeping me from reaching the … Continue reading

Whole Brain Literary Food

Recently, I posted a inquiry to my readers, about a publishing aspect of my work. All the responses were encouraging and thought-provoking, but one in particular touched upon some deeper themes. Here it is. TO MY READERS–A QUESTION: As authors, … Continue reading

Policing the Police

UPDATE: see end of this essay for my updated remarks after learning new information…. Few things are black and white, unless you’re talking about racism. In regard to gun violence and police shootings, there are solid arguments on either side … Continue reading

New Museletter is out!

The new Museletter is out! I’ve done something different with it, and it also includes an excerpt from Melissa Walker-Baeli’s Work in Progress. Check it out, and let me know what you think! (those on my mailing list have been … Continue reading

New Harbor Witches: Keepers hits top TEN on Amazon

New Harbor Witches: Keepers is now officially a top ten ‪#‎bestseller‬ {happy dance} I have always been so proud of this book, and the second in the series, Ravens, even though it had yet to get a good foothold in … Continue reading

Pooly Fall is now #1 bestseller!

Woo hoo!  Pooly Fall is now a #1 bestseller in its category on Amazon! Thanks to all my readers for making it so.   Save Save Save Save … Continue reading

Drive-by Marketing? Really?

A commenter on one of the sites I market to, objected to my promotions, (and I responded as forthrightly as I could)>. COMMENTER: I am seeing “Attachment Unavailable This attachment may have been removed or the perso who shared it … Continue reading

Pooly Fall released in digital

Just ordered the print proof for Pooly Fall (Cross-Pollination #1). The digital copy is already at #3 on Amazon–a bestseller! It’s available NOW. Go to…/…/B01GZWBJBA Below, is the After Words for Pooly Fall. After Words Most of my followers/readers … Continue reading

Teeny Weenie Man (Free Download)

Thanks for visiting. My short story, Teeny Weenie Man can be downloaded for free directly from Kindle Unlimited, or below, you will find the links to download it from here in the format of your choice. Enjoy!   DOWNLOAD LINKS … Continue reading