Smileys, Emoticons and Graphics
(an overview)

Whenever I search for emoticons on the Internet, there are always certain aggravations I would rather avoid. The pages are either filled with advertising I don't care about, or there are too many images on one page which makes it load slowly, or the site layout is counter-intuitive. I also have to wade through substandard images to find the quality ones. When I look for these things, I just want to find them fast and be done with it. Don't you?

I have developed a pretty big graphics collection over the years, so I am putting together these pages to alleviate all those aggravations for others and to also give myself an archive. I should have all the smileys up and ready when this page goes live, and will then add the others in increments.

I used a server side include code, because it allows the right pane to load so that you don't have to keep reloading a big page. I also separated each right hand pane file into its own page so that you could load each category easily from the table of contents page on the left.

This saves time and aggravation.

Additionally, I arranged the graphics by category of emotion so the right emoticon would be easier to narrow down.

As for categorizing, sometimes an emoticon will qualify for several catgories, so for those, i placed copies on each page. For instance, with this one:

I would have it both in the readinNwwriting page and the foodNdrink pages.


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