Even after 62 books, I always try to write the sort of book I would want to read. My favorite thing to do in my fiction is take a common trope and turn it on its ear. Where you expect a zig, I give you a zag.

In my pages, you will find strong female characters (none of that damsel-in-distress marmalade), ethical dilemmas, and realistic storylines often filled with adventure and intense pacing tempered by witty dialog and happy endings. All are hallmarks of my work.

As an Indie Publisher and author, all 36 of my novels have been bestsellers in the genres of lesbian fiction, lesbian romance, domestic thriller, domestic suspense, romantic suspense, apocalyptic, speculative, and science fiction. What can I say? Variety is the spice of life.

I also write non-fiction, but only sporadically, because it takes time away from the fiction, and because no one wants to read nonfiction unless you’re someone with a host of letters behind your name, a celebrity, an athlete, a politician, or an alien who’s just landed on the planet.

I am many things, chief among them, an autodidact, introvert, nature-lover, secular humanist, equalist, artist, and a former singer-songwriter who performed for seven years in a chick-band.

I live with my wife, Melissa (a budding author in her own right), two dogs (Noodle and Whatnot), two cats (Poppet and Chicklet). We make our home on ten acres of utopian Michigan Northwoods, with an honest-to-gosh apple tree and a giant spruce tree named Sprucilla in our backyard.

Drop me a line if you wish. AuthorKJB@gmail.com

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