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  1. Jae, after reading all your posts from February 24th onward (as well as your reply on KG’s blog), you sound like you’re “back”. That’s wonderful, and perhaps a good fortification of spirit (or psyche) for your upcoming domicile move. Keep going, dear!

    • Well let’s hope I’m “back”–or FRONT. Or back from the front. I have been feeling stronger. It’s a process. Thanks for noticing and for your continued support.

      • Even front from the back, o precious soul. It is indeed a process, and “patience is a virtue, well and truly called for”. I’m reminded often of my own patience, called for, regarding my own process, called “transition” in tg/ts terminology. And previously I forgot to say, “Acquittal” (if that’s the poem’s title) is a lovely poem. And your recent utter honesty sets an example which many would do well to implement in their own communications.

        • Thanks for that. And though I don’t know how to be anything other than honest, honesty has its price. Everything is a trade-off, isn’t it?

          • Indeed, Jae, everything is a trade-off. And regarding not-honesty, I was thinking more of “not-honesty by omission” than I was of “dishonest-inclusion”. The set of things we do tell others is a very small set, compared to the things we don’t (or can’t) tell. Not-told things is a huge spectrum from “dangerous to my personal safety if I tell”, to “inappropriate at the present time”, to “inappropriate always between mature adults”, to “I feel it, but can’t at the moment figure out how to express it”, to “my soul is a fathomless wellspring, and so is yours, so much of each of our souls will never be expressed before we die”, and many others for which you can fill in the blank, through introspection. I think your choice to share your recent struggles and emotional pain caused me to think, “Even though Jae is a cyber-friend who I’ll probably never meet, the computer geek in me says that somehow, this is real, this is important, I can respond to Jae in a supportive manner and maybe, thereby, be a kind of supplement to her face-to-face friends. If I can’t, or don’t, then what the heck is the importance or meaning of all this cyber-communication stuff?) (The physicist in me says the answer is it’s just a bunch of electrons moving around.) I think we all go through peaks and valleys, times when we’re “up” and have excess positive psychic energy to lend or give to others who are “down” and in need, and times when we’re “down” and in need of someone else’s excess of positive psychic energy. It seems the importance of all this “multiple human lives living in parallel” is that, with a sufficiently large group of friends, when you’re “down”, there’s a good chance that at least one of your friends will be “up” and able to lend or give support. So, thank you for sharing your recent negatives and thus allowing me the opportunity to reach out in support, to make this cyber-world more real and more meaningful. There’ll come a time when I’m “down” and in need of my friends, too. Lately, that’s been happening a few times a month.

          • DO you have a blog? If you don’t you should.That was a wonderfully thought-provoking piece of writing, there.

            Honesty does come with so many levels, doesn’t’ it? In recent years i had to temper honesty with the caveat of “you are not obligated to tell someone everything. It’s only on a need to know basis.” Then “need to know” might become “need to, now.” I just never want anyone to be able to say “You lied to me.” I know how much it hurts ME to say that to someone else, and feel its barbs. So my default is always, better to be honest. But it can get complicated.

            And I do appreciate your perspective regarding cyberfriends. I am caught in that same intellectual argument with myself…you can’t REALLY be friends with someone int he virtual world. It’s VIRTUALLY impossible…you can’t really know them until you’re within touching distance and share frequent geography and time…or Can you? Many times, by virtual friends have proven more reliable and supportive and loving than my in-person ones. So maybe we shouldn’t rush to judgement on that, eh?

            Good news is, I’ve been in much better spirits lately.
            As always, thank you for your supportive notes.

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