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In this new collection of short works, titles like “A Backwoods Eatery With a Side of Velcro Papaw” and “Alien Tummy Tuck” are enough to pique the interest of any avid reader. And there are memorable lines sprinkled throughout, such as, “I will not be a contestant in a wet T-shirt contest until my breasts look more like breasts, and less like something I should tuck into my pants.”

But then Baeli offers more, revealing her ability to be just as serious as she is funny, such as the story “The House of Escher” and the darker piece “Chickens Come Home.”

This collection will provide entertainment and edification from a fresh new voice in both fiction and non-fiction.

From the sublime to the ridiculous, Kelli Jae Baeli leaves nothing sacred, and everything open to scrutiny, in this collection of works that show
her versatility, humor, and unique voice.”

~Kindred Ink Writers Initiative

Fun With Webster } A Moment Of Chaos In My Brain } Monster Under The Bed} Lotion } Novel Navel Tangents Before Bed } Something Dead } Figs From Hell } Mississippi: 1st Circle Of Hell? } Krispy Kreme }Persuasion } I’ll See Your Stupid Move And Raise You A Clever Solution } Responding In Kind } Plaque Brain } From Crayons To Gel Keyboards } Baby Furry Ghost } Kitty Relativity } TD-What? } A Likely Story } Barbie Cutlery } Stomping Bees } Gizimov Runninov } A Backwoods Eatery With a Side of Velcro Papaw } Peso, The Wonder Runt } Texas Pain Saw Mess-A-Girl } Alien Tummy Tuck } Gonna Kiss Your Forehead }Cruel & Unusual } Breath Of Life } Symbols Are Not Things } Passerby } Salem House Trials } Jag } The Day The Sky Came Down


Below, is a video of me trying to read Punkin’s Big Adventure, from this book. I’m afraid my sad attempt at a children’s story got to me. I got a case of screaming meemies.


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