Jolene Winters only wants to be left alone, but her new-found safety and contentment will be both challenged and shattered.

Any Other NameWhen the chance to escape the clutches of her villainous girlfriend finally appears, twenty-five-year-old Jolene Winters takes it. All she wants is to live a life of her choosing, and to be left alone and in peace to write her novels.

A year into living in the quiet solitude of a cabin nestled into a remote slice of Alaskan wilderness, her sense of safety evaporates when a threat literally falls from the sky.

At forty-three, Courtney Sarks, the owner of the most successful private investigations businesses on the West Coast, is only there to do a job: to find and retrieve stolen money. Hired by Marissa Volkova, a powerful Portland defense attorney, Court fears there is more to the job than meets the eye.

On her way to the homestead named Thumbknuckle, Courtney finds herself injured and in the hands of the beautiful and kind Jolene Winters. Without a way to contact the outside world, Court gets to know Jo, and quickly realizes that just finishing the job is no longer an option. Especially since Court develops a deep affection for Jolene, and she’s sure the feeling is mutual. Jo’s life is on the line, and Court vows to keep her safe, unaware of what that promise might entail.

When Jolene’s past catches up to her, will she and Courtney be able to make it out alive?


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