An Epic story continues…
“fast-paced action with significant plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat.”

An epic story continues in Ravens, the second offering of the New Harbor Witches series. Sisters Dane and Penny have been honing their witchy powers in the months since the capture of their most dangerous and powerful nemesis. Now, enemies, new and old, conspire against the Balance Clan in a generations-old battle between good and evil. While some lives are lost, some will rise from the ashes.

Rayna and Roman Murdock have ascended to the rank of High Witches and now control the Power Clan. Roman, with his more gentle soul, struggles with inner turmoil as he witnesses, time and again, the cold brutality of his twin, Rayna.

Simon and Gemma, with the help of new friends Dr. Veronica Hill and Jonna Clarke, must confront a three hundred year old secret to ensure the future strength and well-being of not only their family and the entire Balance Clan, but of the world itself.

Harsh truths and new realities serve as reminders that it is not the blood in our veins that defines us. We are the actions we take and the decisions we make.



“New Harbor Witches: Ravens is a feast of action and plot twists! When writing a series, the most difficult task is to keep the reader’s interest piqued in the middle books before the big finale. Classics that come to mind are Tolkien’s Two Towers or Lucas’ The Empire Strikes Back. These great stories include fast-paced action with significant plot twists to keep you on the edge of your seat. NHW2 artfully accomplishes this in under 300 pages. So, Penny and Dane are finally done with what can only be described as Witch Basic Training. Shortly thereafter, the Balance Clan and Power Clan clash in another epic battle, and pieces move around the board in a blur. When the frenzy is almost too much to keep up with, along comes Dr. Veronica Hill and Jonna Clarke, and two stories become one. If you haven’t read Pitfall yet, do yourself a favor and read it post-haste. Time travel, witches, spells, immortality, good vs evil, unlikely heroes, secrets revealed, and new allies….you will no doubt enjoy this ride. Lastly, be sure to read this cover to cover to truly enjoy all the fun Easter eggs it has to offer.” ~cathie1245 on Amazon

“Hold onto your hat and anything else you deem necessary!! This book careens through history, present to past and in between. I admit it was not what I expected after the first book in this series but, as usual, this author surprised and delighted. I normally eat books but I had to slow down and enjoy every morsel of this tale. I know I will reread this in anticipation of what happens with all the characters, even the ones I loved to hate. The tale is not for the faint of heart or anyone who is set on “their” interpretation of history. Good One!!” ~Dava on Amazon

“I can’t believe Baeli put my two favorite books by her together! The first New Harbor book was great, but this one kept me reading so quickly that when I got to the end I had to back up a few pages and make sure it was over. If you have not read Pitfall (now my 2nd favorite book by Baeli), make sure you go give that a quick read. Great characters, constant action, just a fantastic story all around.” ~Lisa on Amazon


His eyes fell to the package on the floor of the culvert, his voice echoing in the concrete tunnel. “What have you done?” Roman hissed.

“What you won’t.”

Roman squinted at his sister. “Again, I thought we were supposed to be sharing the helm.”

She shoved her hands in the pockets of her patchwork leather coat. “That ship has sailed.”

Flippant as always. “So is this your version of a coup? Shall I graciously step down and leave you to your own devices?”

“Probably wise.”

“Rayna!” he scolded.

“You’re not suited to leadership, dear brother. Your spine is a bit…jiggly.”

Breathe. Don’t get angry. He peered down at the unconscious woman on the concrete floor, trussed up in rope like she was a participant in one of his sister’s sex games. His sister had gained a bit of a reputation as the Dominatrix of the clan. Male witches seemed unnaturally drawn to her power. “Why have you taken her?”

“She’s leverage.”

“For what?”

“You’ll see.”

He tasted blood on his tongue. He’d have to remind himself not to clench his jaw so hard. “I don’t want to wait and see, Rayna. Tell me! You are not in charge.”

Turning her toothy smile on him, she said, ”Yes. I think I am. Now, just follow along, Roman. I’ll show you how it’s done.” She rammed the toe of her boot into the prisoner’s back, as her brother winced. The woman grunted, stirred, opened heavy eyelids. Realizing her situation, she struggled at the ropes, to no avail, eyes darting up to meet Rayna’s. Reading her. Or trying to. But Rayna had always possessed strong defenses.


He stood at the end of the tunnel, silhouetted in the backlight of sunset. Trevor.










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