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what the fuck is that?


Beady Eyes in the Trees:
what the fuck is that?

  1. Just finished Apolcaliptic Women (sorry about the spelling). You had me at the edge of my seat. I had to lay it down a few times due to the fact that I have PTSD from the service and other sources. I am glad that the finish was a happy one for your characters in the story. I hear you love to hate the Orange man. So do I. I predicted as such to other folks that he was going to take the country 60 years in the past, if not more. Kee[ up the writing, i love it.

    From a cranky old guy, Jacques

    • Jacques, thank you so much for your comment! It’s always a treat to hear directly from my readers.
      I am a veteran, too, and also battle PTSD from various sources. I’ve found that writing is a way for me to work through a lot of that. That’s why the good gal always wins in my books. 🙂 My PTSD is not as severe as some, but it does tend to show up in sneaky ways. My triggers are not gunshots or other battle-related things, but more situations and the way people treat me, but it can make me very introverted. I’m sorry if anything in the book triggered you, but I applaud you for continuing. My endings are always like that. It’s a commitment i make to my readers. There are enough scary, disturbing, sad, and depressing things in the world, especially now, so i want my stories to elevate people and show their strengths against the odds.

      And yes, i abhor what trump and the GOP has done to this country. I even had one reviewer give me a lesser rating on the book, because they said i portrayed southern men unfairly. Myopic opinion at best. I’ve lived in the south most of my life, and there are indeed confederates here who behave that way. But you just can’t educate some people! lol.
      But we will rise. We just have to keep our feet planted and keep speaking truth to power.
      Thanks again, and I’m sure I have other books that you’ll enjoy.
      Be well,
      Kelli Jae Baeli

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