Rain Falls #1- Rain Falls
“If you enjoy heartfelt wit, great character development, interesting plotline that isn’t predictable, and prickly women succumbing to love — this is the book for you. I strongly recommend it!”

India Bell is looking for a regular writing gig to supplement her royalties. She ends up with two assignments – one, to interview up-and-coming lesbian romance writer Tegan Lowry, and the other? To win a bet to write her own lesbian romance, thus securing for herself a job as an editor. There’s a bit of an issue with the second of those. India writes science fiction, not romance. There’s none of that confusing touchy-feely stuff in her science fiction novels. Hell, she doesn’t even read romance, and as for the lesbian aspect, she’s not sure how to define her sexuality, but if she’s a lesbian, then she’s so far in the closet, she doesn’t even know where the door is.

Tegan is thrilled to be interviewed, even by the awkward, socially-inept India. Not that Tegan views herself as anyone’s fantasy – she’s on crutches, and who would be interested in a cripple? Her deeply romantic fantasies are all lived out on the page. But when India suddenly asks if Tegan will join her in her writing cabin to get some serious work done, she jumps at the chance to leave her horrible basement apartment behind to concentrate on her writing in comfort and peace, with the fascinating, if rather emotionally-unavailable, India Bell.

In the gorgeous cabin on the outskirts of the small tourist town of Rain Falls, Colorado, the two women find themselves struggling with temptation and a stalker who insists on interfering. It’s a situation they never thought they’d find outside of a romance novel.

Rain Falls #2–In Absentia
“This book is funny. Really funny in places. And clever. There’s a lot more going on here than just a romance, if you’re expecting hearts and flowers then you’ll get it, but there’s a whole lot more besides.” -OpinionDyke

Dammit, but a happy ever after should last more than a few months. Not that India and Tegan are thinking too much about the future. They’re having far too good a time exploring, each other and that idyllic life neither thought would ever be theirs.

India’s changed, so everyone is delighting in telling her, most with decided approval, and life is pretty much perfect: work they both love, a writer’s cabin to call home, the intense thrill of their passion for each other – and no need to worry that Napoleon Fry, or anyone one else will ruin any part of it.

But life’s just not like that, is it? The shine isn’t even starting to wear off when things go wrong. Not everyone is happy that India and Tegan are living in sweet lesbian bliss, nor that they should be left alone to wallow in it. Christmas is just around the corner, and its largesse this year is unparalleled. It’s up to India and Tegan to decide if these forced changes are gifts, or just dirty lumps of coal.

Rain Falls #3 -Pariahs & Prodigals
“This is my favorite of the Rain Falls series. I usually reserve 5 stars for authors such as Tolkien, Asimov, Richard Adams, Arthur C. Clarke, and Margaret Atwood…but most of them are dead and none of them made me laugh this much. 🙂 “

The only thing that stays the same is change. In this third book of the bestselling Rain Falls series, small town life is fraught with a set of surprises. India and Tegan wrestle with sudden changes that test their bond, while all around them, circumstances shift and switch for the Bell, Lowry, and Fry clans.

Amid some wildly comic moments and the witty repartee Baeli is known for, Rain Falls welcomes the return of one of its favorite citizens, family secrets are revealed, mysterious events are explained, and for some, karmic payback is at hand. No one is immune to the ways in which starting over and finding a place to belong, will intersect.


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