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Careless Editors & Languishing in Romantical Writer-Myths — 2 Comments

  1. Love this. I’d been struggling for almost a year to get myself sorted with routines and work out what I wanted to write etc, and in the end got a lot started but none finished. A promise to my wife to have “something” published by the end of the year made me take stock in November last year. I decided to write a short story from scratch- something that was completely different to what I’d been working on previously, and it had to be publishable.
    It took me 10 days from idea to book (publish-ready file including ebook cover), and it was both the hardest and easiest thing I’ve ever written.
    My betas and editor also said that they had hardly anything to change, especially compared to everything else I’d sent them previously.
    There is definitely something to be said for just getting the story out as quickly as possible. I found that I didn’t second guess myself at all and I loved the process.
    My biggest problem now? Which idea I work on next 🙂

    • Thanks so much for your comment. Indeed, we are sometimes our own worst enemy. If you check my other blog posts on the topic of writing, you will see that my methodology was often–what? harrowing? But it seemed to be the process I settled into. I was so glad to see that there was another process for writing that I could actually make use of. (…and just last night, I got to read my wife’s first two chapters on her new book, and thought- “sweet soggy jesus, this is beautiful.” Just like I said in the post; she just types and all this gorgeous prose comes out, and I am equal parts jealous and proud). Anyway, I’m not sure this simplified methodology will work in all cases–I suspect it depends on the genre and the story itself–but at least I know that when I become worn out by that other way of writing, I can go to the faster, cleaner simpler way, and give myself a break, while still being Productive. No matter what, though, we do ourselves a big favor by learning how to put on the WRITER hat and just writing, no matter what comes out, before we put on our EDITOR/CRITIC hat and start flaying the work. That’s been a difficult thing for me to learn, but I’m getting better at it. Just write through. Keep typing. And for me, at least, keep chanting, “I’ll pretty it up later.” Congratulations on the completion of that project. Please post a link. Would love to read it.

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