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  1. Diana, thank you do much for your erudite comments. Would that the majority felt as you do. I will now have to educate myself by reading The Ham Funeral. I’m sure my partner, Kate (A Kiwi and author) will know of Patrick White. I salute you.

  2. Jae – the quote from Hitler is eye-opening. What exactly did he believe in aside from his own pre-eminence and the extermination of Jews, gays, gypsies and anyone else that didn’t have a silly moustache?
    It’s hard to believe that the separation of church and state has become so deranged in recent years; I hope you’re right that it might be a last ditch attempt at relevance by the right-wing Fundies (great term btw) but if so, they’re being very energetic about it.
    When I became an Australian citizen I had a double quandary about the state and religion. I am a (small r) republican in that I don’t believe in a state headed by a hereditary monarch (QE2 in this instance) and I was required to swear allegiance to her on a Bible – something else I don’t believe in (as the truth and the only truth, that is).
    I mentioned this to someone before the ceremony and was told I could bring a book that was “sacred” to me. I think they were imagining a Koran or something like that. I interpreted it more liberally and brought with me a copy of Patrick White’s play The Ham Funeral.
    Patrick White was a great Australian playwright and man of letters, also a gay man and a staunch republican. He won the Nobel Prize for Literature and was one of my heroes (he liked me too and called me “my tall girl” – which was pretty good).
    Anyway, I swore allegiance to the Queen and Australia with The Ham Funeral in my hand figuring that it cancelled out the bits I didn’t really agree with. And so far have lived happily ever after.

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