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Distracting Fiction: Brand vs. Generic — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Penny. Thanks for your comment. Enjoyed your example! hehe. Glad to know you get it–sometimes I wonder if I’m just weird, or what. Okay, I AM WEIRD. But I’ve come to terms with it. :^) I like books that are a little specific about those things. Generic is boring! ;^)

  2. I totally get it. It would be like my preference to mention that Cassandra smacked David over the head with an Agee jar full of gleaming red tree-tomatoes, and that he laughed it off, twisted a Rizla, and grunted that he was ‘good as gold, ta.’.

    It adds depth of character and also helps to differentiate your characters without having to hash out that Cassandra is female, with long stringy blonde hair and blue eyes, while David has short cropped hair and a tattoo of a star on the right side of his face etc etc.

    Penny [also a New Zealander] 🙂

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