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Fiction Writes Me — 2 Comments

  1. I spent a total of three years off and on working on a novel that was very much an exploration of a big ‘what if’ in my life. It took me through a couple of growth spurts and when I was finally able to put ‘The End’ to it, I realized it hadn’t been written for publication. It will go quietly into my desk drawer. I don’t look at this as a waste, because I learned so much while writing it; I learned many things about writing and about myself and those lessons will help as I focus on the next project. Thank you for sharing this blog; it touched many things inside me.

    • Thanks, Dee. I certainly understand what you mean. Although, i suppose there’s very little I don’t publish. I’ve been guilty of TMI. 🙂 But yes, any writing is a learning experience, whether you share it or not. Glad the blog resonated with you.

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