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Good Writers Aren’t Good Accidentally — 5 Comments

  1. Hey KJB – I agree with every word you write! Do I believe that “anyone” can write? No, absolutely not. Just like not everyone can do the 100m in 9 seconds or climb a 14,000′ peak, or take a horse round an Olympic 3-day event course, or sing at the Met…what I’m coming to is that no, not everyone can write and typing – even 60,000w – isn’t writing. Neither is the ability to figure out how to sling words together and put them up on the net. Writing is a craft and craft takes time and patience as well as innate talent. I think I may have told you of my response to a hopeless but enthusiastic student who said “I know I have a book in me.” And I cruelly but truthfully said, “Best place for it.”

    • LOL….agreed. I know i take a chance whenever i post things like this. I know I’m pissing some people off and maybe i’m cutting my nose off to spite my face…or biting the hand that feeds me…or some such appropriate cliche. But dammit. I’ve just sort of reached my tolerance limit with this sort of thing. It’s become so easy for people to publish what they write, and in the “old days” you had to work your whole life and get past some highly qualified editors to even hope to have any success–and while it’s good that there are now many good writers getting their work out, it’s bad in that all the bad writers can do it too. And as i said, it has diluted the profession. But….I’m not sure any of this falls on anything but deaf ears, except when someone like you sees it. Because other professional writers get it, don’t they?

      • Deaf ears – more like tin ears. Last week I was reading a “bestselling” novel by a well known author – I’d already done flagellation and branding with a hot iron that day – and as well as bewilderment about winking, I found myself distracted yet again. This time wondering why nearly all protagonists in lesfic (shudder) bump each other with their shoulders to indicate unspoken attraction. Like winking, it’s something I’ve never done nor seen done, and it got me wondering about this weird mating ritual. Giraffes whack each other’s necks, dogs sniff each other’s bottoms – lesbians apparently bump shoulders. WTF?

        • I haven’t come across this shoulder-bumping mating ritual… But I’m sure it’s because I haven’t read much lesfic (also-shudder). I’ve been largely disappointed by the few novels I have tried by lesbian authors; I’m afraid i might have given up too soon (MAYBE). I really want to write in the mainstream, (And I do have two mainstream novels– Baggage and Achilles Forjan)–and continue to use lesbian characters, as I do now. I wish the readers would support that, but there is still some pigeon-holing going on in both mainstream and Sapphic offerings. I usually always have quite a few straight characters in my books, because –well, that’s reality, isn’t it? We aren’t all surrounded by gay people 24/7. And I find that mindset a little too intolerant and elitist (Irony much?). I still tend to read mostly mainstream fiction–and I guess I’m pretty picky about that, too. It’s hard, these days, for me to find a novel that holds my interest. I am currently on a quest to find a new set of authors I can enjoy. Have a stack of 6 books right now that I’ve read the first few chapters of, and decided to give them a go. First one is The Tsunami Countdown by Boyd Morrison (I’m halfway through and it’s been a real nail-biter so far). Was actually about to do a post about this. So will include the list in that entry. Thanks for your input. Always enjoyable. 🙂

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