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Gun Control vs. Second Amendment — 2 Comments

  1. Finally someone who shares my opinion. I am sure that I got all kinds of grief over my Twitter postings in responses to people that has all kinds of negative things to say about Clinton and others calling for gun laws. I have never served in the military and I was nowhere as eloquent of course U can’t be on Twitter. But I have said for years that people that threw out the second amendment crap as an excuse for not having gun control were stupid and uneducated. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when that was written that the weapons we have today were not even dreamed about. And my dad kept his family fed with a regular shotgun. And taught me to protect myself with a 38 Smith and Wesson that held 6 bullets. And I didn’t believe that only others my age…60 and over…were ones to hold this opinion. War weapons are for war period. Regular citizens have no need nor use for them for ANY reason. I heard on the news after Vegas that u.s. is the only country that has these mass shootings by citizens. I just received a memo that republicans went on vacation a day early without introducing any sort of gun control laws. Every single politician including our communist president says that one shouldn’t be talking about politics so soon after a shooting. And they have said this after every single shooting. And u don’t need weapons of war to hunt defenseless unarmed animals. In my opinion nowadays there’s no reason to allow all these vanity killings because it’s not being done to feed a family. But a regular rifle or shotgun is sufficient for those that enjoy this type of senseless killings. It’s simple enough to just outlaw all these war weapons confiscate them and get them off the street. Let gangs kill each other the old fashioned way. Stop putting band aids in with applications that check for mental illness because that’s not the way to catch these people. But if they are only armed with a regular rifle or shotgun then at least the people being shot at will have a chance. But like everything else the majority of politicians in d.c. don’t give a damn what the people think or want. All they are concerned with is how much money they can make by taking payoffs to ignore it or contributions to their mudslinging campaigns so they can interfere with elections instead of running honest campaigns. such as the case with McConnell who has never run an honest campaign since he’s been in office. Of course much more time with trump in office and there won’t be a u.s.a. anyways. Now that he has cut Medicaid and Medicare to support all the tax breaks to the multi millionaires in the capitol has stopped the EPA from protecting us eliminated climate change provisions and gave the green light to a pipeline most people didn’t want and Obama outlawed…i guess his next move will be to remove the protections from national monuments and parks like he was talking about. And that’s so they can drill and blow them up. Once again adding more money into their pockets. Hell even Rockefeller saw the need to protect the land from these idiots.roosevelt started it and Rockefeller bought up land that d.c. didn’t have money for. A good portion of the Smokey mountains was purchased by him supplementing a grass roots efforts of getting donations from citizens. To stop the clear cutting by greedy mills operators. I thought there were supposed to be checks and balances to protect citizens from all this crap but obviously not anymore. Of course if the majority of we the people really counted like the constitution says then Clinton would be President. Not the communist president that has taken over now.

    • Hey Judy- thanks for your thoughtful comment. I wish more people would speak their minds about these issues. And you’re right, we are in a sad state of affairs, but i do believe that justice will be served and we will return power to those who respect it and care about We the People. There are simply too many of us fighting back against all this, and the law is the law. It will catch up soon to Trump and will TRUMP the Trumpery! I really believe that. This was a lesson we all needed to learn, and i hope that the result will be, after the dust settles, that people will take their civic duty more seriously, and be careful about their vote, their apathy, and their complacency. Hang tight. Justice is coming. Again thanks for your input.

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