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  1. Hi the human body is strange! western medicine is not all there is! Having been train in western practices it is only part of our whole self.Listen to your body you know it best.I was going to write about menopause as i started that process at 45yrs.and i just turned 59yrs.yesterday.I did not take anything for it and when the hot flushes happened i was having a private summer moment!A friend told me that fresh cold orange juice would help that and i found it did.As to your graves a friend has that and is on meds of meds depending on her blood tests and if she is in remission.My mother had 9/10 ths removed and was still hyperthyriod she also had nerves in her spine cut for the back pain she suffered from her doctor hoped it would work for 10 yrs she got near 5yrs relief as other nerves took over the job of the cut ones!As i started the body is strange but also wonderful!!
    The reason i wanted to write was to say i love all the books i have read [the lesbian genre] and look forward to your next one.

    • Thanks Lisa–i appreciate that. And yes, i am really big on natural medicine and nutrition. It has served me well, while conventional medicine has not. I am doing much better now, as i keep plugging along with organic food, supplements, exercise, etc. I”m not sure what’s up with the thyroid issue–haven’t been to Doc yet. But it seems i need less of the synthroid and i still want to have those blood levels checked and maybe switch to Armour Thyroid instead. I always prefer natural solutions to synthetic ones. Eventually, I’ll get it all figured out. I’d love to think my thyroid somehow righted itself, but since i had ablation with radioactive iodine, i understand my thyroid is actually dead. I’m not so sure i believe that at this point, lol. I’ll certainly be trying to find those answers. Thank you for your comments! And I’m so pleased you’ve been enjoying my work. I’m finally feeling well enough to get back in my usual amount of productivity, so more to come! <3

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