Relationships, family estrangement, killing fire alarms with a hammer, dubious spirituality, rebuttals to critics–Baeli again tackles the human condition, using her own experiences as fodder. Anecdotal, sometimes; honest and thought provoking, always. Social psychology from the trenches.


“Though at times incendiary, Baeli’s straightforward, no-holds-barred style is rather like a political debate should be: fair but firm; and always backed up by facts. When she tackles more personal fare, there’s an overt sense of profound sensitivity, not often found in one with so strong a voice.”

~KIWI Club Reviews


Ship That Passed Too Swiftly
Surviving Family Member
Two Alarm Fires, No Waiting
The Truth Can Be Made up if You Know How
Mind-Bending Esoterica
The Great Ant Crusades of 2010
Monk Invader
Great Conclusion of LOST Wasn’t FOUND
Politics, Religion & Sedition
Lemony Snicket Rides Again
The Universe as Conscious Nemesis
Making a Spectacle of Myself
Happy Meals
Future’s So Bright
Supernatural Completion
Face Down in the Low Road
Philosophy, Sexual Orientation, Elephants, & Truth
Unbearable Reviews & Comprehensive Rebuttals




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