With her usual flair for passion and wit, Baeli shines as she examines reading habits–her own, and that of others–in this 3rd volume of the Reading, Writing & No Arithmetic series. On display are also more of her thoughts about her writing process and the sometimes difficult obstacles that go along with being an Indie author and publisher. With essay titles like Thoughts from a Literary Contrarian, Alien Methodology, Scribe’s Melancholia, Literary Mind-Expansion & 50 Shades of Grape, Careless Editors & Languishing in Romantical Writer Myths, Holding Saddlehorn, Fiction Writes Me, Good Writers Aren’t Good Accidentally, and Writer as Reader, Reader as Writer, there is something for every reader and writer in these pages. Baeli writes,

“…many people do not try to expand their minds, learn new things, and because they don’t do that, they often don’t have the mental capacity to understand that they do need to do that. It’s a paradox that vexes me to no end. Certainly, these statistical facts are reflected in reading choices. And while I suppose one could argue that it’s fortunate people read AT ALL, it is cold comfort for me, as a writer, as well as for me, as a member of the human species.

This lack of discernment as reflected in literary preferences can be found in bestsellers which are not at all indicative of cognitive superiority. Sometimes, that’s because people like to read garbage for fun, and sometimes it’s because they don’t know it’s garbage.”

Literary Loitering
Reading, Writing & No Arithmetic vol. 3

Lesbian Readers & Writers
Thoughts from a Literary Contrarian
Alien Methodology
Scribe’s Melancholia, Literary Mind-Expansion & 50 Shades of Grape
Scott Crowder Interview of me on House of Fists
Going Mainstream
Nonfiction & Non-nonfiction
Literary Loitering
Muse Recovery & Descriptive Prose
Hybrid Methodology
Careless Editors & Languishing in Romantical Writer Myths
Holding Saddlehorn
Fiction Writes Me
Good Writers Aren’t Good Accidentally
Writer as Reader, Reader as Writer
Pitfall and the Scoop
The Pitfall of Literary Segregation
Adventures in Indie Publishing, Incident #227
Toward the Light
A Bowl of Cherries Vs. Sucking Beetroot
Don’t be Part of the Problem

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