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  1. Hi Kelli and Melissa.
    Just wondering what general area you are heading to in Wisconsin. My wife and I live in Southeast Wisconsin and my Mom lives in the Northwoods/Northeast, so I was just curious. Wisconsin is a beautiful state no matter where you end up.

    • hi Teresa. I almost missed this. 🙂 Our plan is central WI, but you know what they say about plans. hehe. I’m certain I will feel it’s beautiful too–I’ve never been to WI, but Melissa loves it and used to go to the Northwoods every year with her family and stay there for a while. I used her information when i set the Northwoods Trilogy there–still have one book to go on that one. 🙂 Initially we will be (we PLAN) staying around the Dells at a KOA after we get this trailer renovated. We hope to be shut down here and headed that way by the end of April. We are always interested in knowing some more folks in that area, though Melissa’s family is in the region. Please keep in touch with us. Best way is to follow us on Facebook, and the new Youtube channel. We’ll be documenting the process and the journey, and continue into documenting the creation of our homestead. Hopefully, we’ll make the intro video tonight or tomorrow. Feel free to drop us a FB message anytime.

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