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PROOF: Shroud of Turin Face is NOT Jesus — 3 Comments

  1. Thank goodness our Physicist friend, bdune is here to rationally and scientifically explain why we're all here. Still. Yes bdune, I'm kidding. I don't think you're a Physicist, I think you're a religious zealot with no hope of redemption into the real world.

    I believe in an all powerful orbiting teapot that created the heaven and the earth. And the universe and everything else. That okay with you? Oh. Wait. You think I'm a nut, don't you?

    But what if 10 million other people believed in that teapot, also? Would you think we were all nuts, or would you, perhaps, just go along with it like a sheep? There is safety in numbers after all!

    So, bdune, please- do yourself a favour and actually *listen* to the commentaries on this website and think it through before posting your negative drivel.

  2. Sorry to hear you are an atheist….please explain where all this came from? It was always here? Okay or the Big Bang…but what banged and what caused the Bang? Evolution made flowers? or the human eye? I feel truly sorry for you…will pray for you …pray to who? How do I know …I am a mortal , a speck in infinity …like you…how can I know about the infinite and can I or you expect to decipher eternity with that little lump of gray matter in my skull? I find it incredible scientist can never explain why or even rally how? But how could they? they also are a speck of dust in infinity. Yet something keeps it all going.

  3. The problem is that the earliest documented existence of shroud preceeds Leonardo's birth by over 100 years….the bit about replacing a fraudulent? How would they know it was fradulent? Science was making gold from base medals…a convenient invention to bolster an absurd theory.

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