Two women, one steeped in the past,
the other, trying to outrun it.

In the heart of Plymouth, Michigan, thirty-five-year-old Monica Hayes favors living each day as it comes, keeping her past carefully behind her. Gregarious and sweet, she’s the out and proud owner of a struggling all-inclusive bookstore, and dreads the day she will have to admit defeat.

Professor Alexandra Craig is approaching fifty and firmly planted in a closet of her own making, while seeking tenure. Staid and insular, Alex prefers being surrounded by the same classic literature she teaches at the local liberal arts college, content with maintaining the status-quo. She lives a life of antiquity, fearful of anything in her present that might threaten her carefully-constructed plans.

Sparks fly when these two wildly different women meet under less than ideal circumstances. But can a prim and proper heiress find love with the daughter of a handyman?
As they struggle to find common ground, will their relationship, forged in fire, survive the searing flames?

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