Saturation Point





Teyla Drake is drowning. Her recent bestseller is a whirlwind of book signings, interviews and promotional appearances. A fantasy come true for most authors, especially ones debuting in the mainstream after years in the niche market of lesbian romance.

But Teyla killed her darling. Tired of mediocre sales, she murdered the beloved main character in the Sabrina Hamilton series and moved on to what she thought would be greener pastures.

But not everyone is happy about the literary death penalty she carried out on the page. One fan, quite a bit less happy about it than others.

With the media frenzy wreaking havoc on Teyla’s health, the author with sensory processing sensitivity escapes to a small village on the northern coast of Ireland, where she hopes to recover the peace and solitude she once cherished.

But storms are on the horizon and the winds of change carry the possibility of love. Can Teyla conquer her fears long enough to let love find her? Or will she retreat back into the safety of her solitude?