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Scribe’s Melancholia, Literary Mind-Expansion & 50 Shades of Grape — 2 Comments

  1. I’m getting a kick out of your blogs! I find I agree with you on many things, but when I disagree, it’s a whopper. I think that keeps things fun. Right now I’m making my way through “Don’t Fall in Love With Your Words, Fall in Love With Your Craft” and enjoying that as much as ISO (In Search Of) and AKA Investigations. I wish more people were as outspoken in favor of literacy and plain common sense, such as learning the craft before you try publishing. I enjoy reading your blogs.

    • Hey thanks, Dee. I appreciate your comments. I’ve found that most lesbian readers don’t tend to read nonfiction, so I’ve had to focus more on the novels lately. Very refreshing to see that you’re enjoying the nonfiction. The literacy issue has become even more stark to me lately, since one of my characters in my WIP now is functionally illiterate. I had to look up stats on all this, and found that things were much worse than i imagined. Tragic, really. But i will always be outspoken when it comes to being a champion for intelligence and education. It could solve so many problems if we could elevate the literacy rate. Anyway….My anthologies are mostly collected articles, blogs and essays. So if you want to find them in one place, without combing through my blogs, they are in the nonfiction anthologies, except for the last year of posts or so. I will have to publish a new collection soon. Thanks for letting me know your thoughts. It’s greatly appreciated.

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