A subseries of Apocalyptic Women, Snug Haven is set on a private island off the coast of Oregon.

(Apocalyptic Women, Snug Haven 2025: Juvie)

*Although not an apocalyptic book, it is the novelette prequel to All Bets Are Off  (Apocalyptic Women, Snug Haven 2026), so I include it in this series.

“I love a story that features strong women conquering overwhelming odds, and Juvie does just that. Still a kid, 15 years old and a veteran of the foster care system and its trappings, Juvie escapes another near miss with a foster dad with roaming hands. This teen is loaded with uncanny resourcefulness as she sets out on her own with a few supplies and more bravery and heart than most grown-ups.

It becomes an adventure of survival that had me a worried mess for her safety, but with action and suspense that kept me riveted to the pages. I really wish I could reach into the pages and give her a big hug and show her that a grown-up really does care, and I bet you’ll feel the same because this kid deserves just that.”

Juvie is done with detention centers, group homes and foster parents. Done with living life on someone else’s terms. At 15, she is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. Not a very high bar, considering the trail of inept adults in her wake.

When the last foster father steps over a big red line, she does what she has to do, and with a cumbersome suitcase, Juvie takes to the road…and to the trees. The woods, she believes, will be her salvation. She is sure of it.

With only a few stolen items to aid her survival, she starts a journey north, away from everything she’s known, and everything she wants to forget.

But the world has no shortage of nefarious people, and mother nature is no walk in the park.

(Apocalyptic Women, Snug Haven 2026: All Bets Are Off)

A woman-centered survival story at the start of an apocalypse, with none of the usual damsel-in-distress marmalade.
“Envisioning the demise of America, whatever the reason, builds a certain tension, that when done right, unleashes a character’s genuine self. All Bets Are Off absolutely nails that and what’s even better is that this motley crew of survivors is quarterbacked by strong, competent, yet fallible and lovable women.” ~Amazon Review

November, 2022. The U.S. power grid is taken down. Franny Sullivan-Sky is on the road, trying to find the daughter lost to her for sixteen years. She and her partner Jack are following the best lead they’ve had, when the grid goes down. But no matter how dangerous it is, Franny cannot turn back until she finds Juvie and brings her safely home. Franny’s eldest, Dakota, is still with the young woman she enjoyed from the night before, when she sees the ominous news broadcast, just before the power goes out. Recognizing the implications, she feels compelled to protect Hannah as they set out to save their families. In Kudzu, Tennessee, Juvie, the runaway foster kid, believes the old lady who saved her is the only person worth loving, and she’s happy for the first time in her life. But Juvie is in for a rude awakening when the ham radio reports permanent power failure, and her idyllic life with Burlie quickly becomes another fight for survival. Three women must journey through a dark landscape filled with desperate people doing desperate things. Can they survive long enough to reach the safety of Snug Haven, or will they fall victim to the evils of men?

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