Fuckering! Story Book had no idea how to pilot a transport ship. The narratives on her reader never taught her such things. But here she was, waking up on one. The trajectory from Pangea to the prison planet, Sintori-5, would have spelled her doom, had the ship not met with some mysterious mishap.

She’s alone, except for another surprising prisoner Story finds in the only other remaining suspension pod.

She has some decisions to make. Does she rouse the Cephalosapien from the sleep pod? Does she abandon all hope? Maybe just engage in tentacle sex until the food is gone? Or does she choose to go from prisoner to pioneer, taking the ultimate chance, trusting her hybrid companion to get them away from the Garzi warships and then out of their relentless circling of Uranus?

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones we make when we have no choice.

It’s hard enough building a life on a new planet, but when you’re faced with dissension in your own tribe, you have to decide and decide quickly just how far you’re willing to go.

Sivon is half Bandonese, half human. Her mother was one of ten female survivors when their craft crashed on a farm in rural Colorado. She, and the hybrid offspring of the other survivors live on a ranch at the foothills of Mount Sopris.

But Mozzik, the self-appointed leader of the Bandosapiens, has taken his authority too far, and Sivon is no longer willing to do his bidding. Now she’s running from one of her own people, risking everything for the things she believes in, and for the love she’s found with a local young woman.

Mozzik has a terrible secret, and his own agenda, and he thinks Sivon has just crossed the line. He’s out to find her, to eliminate the risk she’s flirting with and to assert his control once more over the whole tribe.

But sometimes power is about more than control. Doing the right thing can be the most powerful thing in the world…as Sivon is about to find out.

If Mozzik doesn’t kill her first.


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Paleontologist Dr. Veronica Hill just found a strange stone clock in her recent dig, and the museum janitor, Jonna Clarke, touches the wrong thing on it and both of them are zapped into the past. The very, very distant past. The kind with Dinosaurs.

And Jonna and Veronica are face that face with them. Although Veronica’s not finding them all that scary. A paleontologist, she’s used to looking at these guys as nothing but a pile of fossilized bones. Now they’re alive, and they’re glorious.

Jonna has what she considers a healthier relationship with the beasts. They come near – she runs. Dragging Veronica behind her. That woman would watch in starry-eyed amazement while the jaws closed around her. But that can’t happen because Veronica’s the brainy one and she has to figure out how to work the time travel gizmo that sent them on an unexpected trip deep into a dangerous past.

How will the two of them survive in the primitive landscape of Jurassic New Zealand? And how will they ever get back home?

Lesbians. Dinosaurs. Time travel. Fun.


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From an already accomplished writer, comes an engaging, sexy, and suspenseful new series about two sisters who thought they were ordinary, until they discovered they were not.

Dane sparks runs a bistro and her best friend Trevor is the pseudo-chef who has tried every imaginable way to kill himself, but oddly, never succeeds.

Gemma is a free spirited woman after Dane’s own heart, and ironically the only one she can’t have.

Dane’s sister Penny ran off 10 years ago and left her to deal with Nana, a decidedly unlovable human being. Beatrice Sparks was bitchy, controlling, and critical and seemed to be missing the compassion and sensitivity gene. Dane had even seen her kick a dog once. No telling how many other dogs she kicked privately. Nor how many kittens she drowned.

Freed of Nana’s energy sucking ways, Penny made a life for herself as a chef in Portland; the charming Simon, a fixture in her life; but she can’t  commit to a man who keeps so many secrets.

When one event launches a mystery too bizarre to believe, believe it they must, if the two sisters are to survive what’s coming.

New Harbor isn’t the sleepy coastal town they always thought, and the estranged siblings  are part of something bigger than they ever knew existed. For Dane and Penny, there’s an awful lot to learn.

Starting with how to save the world.


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An epic story continues in Ravens, the second offering of the New Harbor Witches series. Sisters Dane and Penny have been honing their witchy powers in the months since the capture of their most dangerous and powerful nemesis. Now, enemies, new and old, conspire against the Balance Clan in a generations old battle between good and evil. While some lives are lost, some will rise from the ashes.

Rayna and Roman Murdock have ascended to the rank of High Witches and now control the Power Clan. Roman, with his more gentle soul, struggles with inner turmoil as he witnesses, time and again, the cold brutality of his twin, Rayna.

Simon and Gemma, with the help of new friends Dr. Veronica Hill and Jonna Clarke, (From Baeli’s standalone novel, Pitfall) must confront a three hundred year old secret to ensure the future strength and well-being of not only their family and the entire Balance Clan, but of the world itself.

Harsh truths and new realities serve as reminders that it is not the blood in our veins that defines us. We are the actions we take and the decisions we make.

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“If you push your luck, expect it to push back. That’s what my Grandma Beasley used to say. And she was right. I had it illustrated to me ten days ago, and again on this frigid October night in the middle of Nowhere, Kansas.”

So begins the journey of twenty-five year old Jason Beasley, a Synesthete– his brain merges his senses in a way that allows him to see words and images before him as if on a Plexiglas screen.

When he leaves his mother’s house for the last time, along with her pious and overbearing preacher boyfriend, his journey takes him to an old barn laboratory in Coffeyville Kansas, which holds much more than some mad scientist’s forgotten notebooks.

He is about to discover, literally, a new reality, and that the research Professor Pritchard has done will lead him to the life he didn’t know he was missing.

If he could only get used to all the differences; starting with the fact that his own gender has changed, and he’s now a lesbian.

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A non-physical walk-in soul makes an agreement with another incarnated soul to take over her body. The Walk-in, perhaps too fearless, and too hungry for the pleasures of the flesh, discovers she has inherited the life of Daelah Murdock, a Mormon goody-two-shoes with a pathological attachment to the color pink.

The surrogate soul’s life as a lesbian cop did not prepare her for this. Or did it? As a live-in caregiver for two men–one blind, the other wheelchair bound–Daelah’s life seems bland and puerile.

Except that someone is trying to kill her.

Who knew the afterlife could be this much fun?

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