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Burn Her to the Ground

After being estranged for 10 years, a lesbian woman tries to mend fences with a visit to her mother. She brings her New Zealand girlfriend along.

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True Blue Colors

Rookie cop, Veronica Polk finds herself undercover, on a case that could make or break her fresh new career.

Tristoon the Incorrigible

A spoof starring Beowulf’s feisty illegitimate daughter.

After Beowulf, and before Xena, there was Tristoon.

(written long before Xena, I promise!).

Chickens Come Home

A lesson in forced karma when a young woman takes matters into her own hands.

graphic violence

Dinky’s Demise

“The liquor had made him sick again. Liquor always made him sick, but he drank it anyway, because he was a dork and would do whatever she told him.”

Punkin’s Big Adventure

A failed attempt at a real children’s story

[to see a video of the author trying to read this story amid screaming meemies, go here]

FREE on Smashwords

Therefore, I Am

What makes us real?


.99 on Amazon


The morning after too much to drink, a young woman finds herself in different clothes, in a strange building, in an unknown city, and trying to get away from a killer.


Baeli’s erotica has been called “Intelligent smut for lesbians.”
.99 on Amazon


It was an honest mistake, but what Abby didn’t realize was, her girlfriend had an agenda.

.99 on Amazon


Lucy Randolph is tired of being poor, while her mother enjoys the spoils of Wallace Blank, the wealthy man who discarded Lucy for being a lesbian. She has a scheme to kidnap her step- father for ransom. But the plan is foiled by sexy Sophie, Wallace Blank’s biological daughter, who is equal parts witty and intriguing. Instead, she kidnaps Sophie, who doesn’t seem sufficiently frightened.

.99 on Amazon

Brave & Crazy

Can’t get no satisfaction… unless you’re the girls in the band.

.99 on Amazon

Mark of the Almost-Beast

A professor explores her naughty side, and discovers that things are not always what they seem.

.99 on Amazon

Breaking up is hard to do. Especially when you have to spend the weekend renovating the house in order to sell it. Tool belts come in handy.

.99 on Amazon

Naughty Habits

Sister Mary Francis and Sister Mary Margaret have a secret, and a plan to go with it.


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