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After Beowulf, and before Xena, there was Tristoon… (a spoof)

“….Then she had made her way back to the Redwood, ushering out the dwarf-people who had taken time out from their incessant cookie-baking to try on her clothes.”

From Note to the Reader

Hello, Reader, glad to see you reading. Especially something of mine. I hope you’ll do that again with—oh, ALL my work. For now, a few things about Tristoon: It was written in 1984 after I took a British Literature course. I loved the Beowulf story, but found that I kept laughing, because I would see all these other comic scenarios, which usually included another character—a female. Eventually, I started writing those scenarios down, and thus, Tristoon was born. I’ve always loved strong, capable women, and I’ve always loved humor. Tristoon has all that.

Please note that in the original format, there were little sarcastic footnotes, but in this eBook edition, I had to put them inline with text, so I just made them smaller and in a different font, in brackets, to differentiate them. The perils of eBook formatting. Just think of it as intentional author intrusion.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did writing it.

Now, begone. Start reading.


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