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  1. Jae, love this article. I think if you are a published author for a long enough time, you are going to experience everything you pointed out. I got a one or two star rating on my latest book and I actually found the review amusing. It didn’t upset me one bit. This reviewer said the whole storyline was unbelievable and she didn’t think those things could happen but she did say I had a good imagination. I really was ROTFL. All of my books are a mixture of fact and fiction, therefore, I write what I call faction. My last novel was one of thee most fact based stories I’ve ever written and so much of it came directly from the news headlines and my own experience. It’s about a bestselling les fic author who is scammed by a Russian woman from an online lesbian dating site and how the author tracks her down. That whole storyline happened to me and in the novel, I actually included the exact emails that this scammer had sent to me. I only have one last thing to say about this: Yes, ladies, TRUTH IS STRANGER THAN FICTION and sometimes it’s a lot more entertaining. Just because you don’t “believe” or think something can happen, doesn’t mean it can’t or hasn’t. 🙂

    • Funny, I also got two different reviews (good ones, 4 or 5 stars, i think) like that–the reviewers said they didn’t find it very plausible that such-and-such happened, and those particular events were taken from my own life, and really DID happen; LOL. I talk about it in this post, Stranger Fiction, Reviews & Truthiness Someone else said she didn’t think the characters should be portrayed “as that stupid and helpless” but it was just me, showing smart people getting caught in unexpected dilemmas–in other words, allowing them to be human, and make mistakes, no matter how smart they were–which is true, I think,for all of us. And FACTION–great way to put it. I always try to make my events completely plausible. Which is why I research everything I’m not sure of, and also use real things from my own life, quite a bit. I WANT IT TO RING TRUE, even if it seems implausible to some readers, who have never had that particular experience. It’s refreshing to hear that you can relate to the content of this post, and the odd situation created by truth and fiction…the irony involved. Thanks so much for sharing that, Trin!

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