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In a world where literacy has become a major problem, it is somehow tragic that a promising student should have such a precarious chance at academic success. Tests are a source of dread for most students. Various reasons are given, yet there is an underlying similarity between all the students who have test anxiety: The One-Right-Answer Fable.

From an early age, all of us are taught that there is only one answer to each question. This myth extends beyond curriculum, and infiltrates the very fabric of psychological development and sociological interaction. One researcher has said that “…there are right answers and [children] will be rewarded for getting as many of them as possible…questions to which there is one and only one right answer are of no use in stimulating thinking…” (Schank 334-5). If the objective of examinations is to gauge the learning of the student, then standard testing is contrary to the objective of learning since it does not allow for the variables, the creativity, or the individuality of the student.

(From The One-Right-Answer Fable: An Argument for Creatively Modified Testing)

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Delving deeper into the antecedents for these ideas leads to examination of advanced cultures of the past. The Sumerian culture is one of the most advanced cultures ever known, yet they existed during a time period where most people lived in a primitive fashion. Still, they created many mathematical concepts, geometry, algebra, and were the first to develop the zodiac, dividing the heavens into the 12 houses; the first to develop 400 characters of cuneiform writing, and the first to display a complete understanding of astronomy. “Ooparts is the term used to describe the purportedly out of place in time artifacts, toys, tools, technical devices, depictions and documents which have come to light through archaeological excavation or discovery” (Freer). The Sumerians’ culture is filled with ooparts that cannot be explained in any way other than they were influenced by another species from a more advanced culture. Sumerians recorded a great deal of their own history, even the day to day mundane events. It is clear from their records that they lived among beings they referred to as the Anunnaki. These beings were purportedly from the plant Nibiru, and had come here to colonize. This is where the Sumerians gained their incredible knowledge base, apparent in all their artifacts and records. For instance, the Sumerians knew the number of planets and the distance of the planets from Earth—how? We didn’t even know that until we sent probes in the 1970’s. How could they know so much about astronomy? All of this knowledge, though, is authenticated by artifacts left behind (AncientX).

~ from Life in the Universe: The Significance of Planet X, The Dropas and The Anunnaki

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Mumford’s Geographic Plexus    

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History of the Organic Food Movement      


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Social Security: A Challenge, Not a Crisis        

Human Cloning                    

Sleep Apnea in Children               

From Genocide to Neo-Eugenics            

Psychosexual Development According to Freud    

The “Mississippi Burning” Trial.            

The One-Right-Answer Fable            

Greed, Envy & Classism in McTeague        

Life in the Universe                    

Mace, Pepper Spray: A Form of Torture?       

The National ID Card Debate          

Police, Police Thyself               

The Depth of Donne                   

The Duplicity of Free Choice           

InnerQuest: I Have Seen the Future       

Creative Herbology                   

The Handmaid’s Tale               

President Clinton’s Challenge           

Positioning my ‘Self’ in Society           

Homosexuality & The Spiritual Walk       

Reflections on “Open Letter”           

Women and the Wall                   

Nanci Griffith: Unifying Songstress       

Cause for ConCERN?               

Flatheads Rejoice                   

Fireworks From Space               

Spotted Eagle Ray Soars Again           

Specious Nonsense: Dobbs on the Dot Again   

5 Shooters in One Week: What Gives?       

Charity Begins at Home               


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While I recognize that the general reader will not be interested in this material, there are others who will be, and I decided that compiling it might be a good idea, both for myself and for those souls who find academic writing titillating.

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