The world will never be the same.
They’ll make sure of it.

From bestselling, genre-hopping Indie author Kelli Jae Baeli, comes an unapologetic reflection of our modern socio-political times, woven into a survival story of two women who band together and find love, hope, and strength amid the madness.

The Roma, a 15,000 year-old bacteria unearthed in Antarctica in 2028, causes a global pandemic. The infection decimates the population and brings America to its knees.

Aspiring photojournalist, Joss Tolliver, usually deals with life by finding humor in it. But when the Roma systematically dissolves the structural integrity of her life, she is no longer amused. Staying in Walla Walla becomes untenable, and she must make her way home to the Blackfeet Reservation.

Deputy Sabrina Silva is fighting a losing battle. As law and order devolves into chaos and mortal danger, her badge means nothing. As a former soldier and paramedic, she knows when to cut her losses. When she meets Joss, it becomes clear what her next decision will be.

The Fourth Reich, a neo-Nazi militia, is viciously taking over what’s left of the United States. As the country falls apart, and the Reichers take advantage, Sabrina makes a promise she may not be able to keep. Before their journey north even begins, events conspire against them.

Along with their rescued entourage, Joss and Sabrina must navigate the dangers as they trek to the Blackfeet Reservation. There, they intend to create a defensible place of safety and hope.
Will they make it to the safety of the Rez, or fall prey to the brutality of the Reichers?

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