Story Book (Sister Resisters 2272)

Sometimes the best decisions are the ones we make when we have no choice.

“Kudos to Ms. Baeli! This story is fantastic. Talk about covering some ground (or space) in a short book–this is a prime example of brilliant writing.”

Story Book had no idea how to pilot a transport ship. The narratives on her reader never taught her such things. But here she was, waking up on one. The trajectory from Pangea to the prison planet, Sintori-5, would have spelled her doom, had the ship not met with some mysterious mishap. She’s alone, except for another surprising prisoner Story finds in the only other remaining suspension pod.

She has some decisions to make. Does she rouse the Cephalosapien from the sleep pod? Does she abandon all hope? Maybe just engage in tentacle sex until the food is gone?
Or does she choose to go from prisoner to pioneer, taking the ultimate chance, trusting her hybrid companion to get them away from the Garzi warships and then out of their relentless circling of Uranus?
“Interstellar, gelatinous scifi fun with a lesbian twist.”


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