“When love is found under a shadow of fear, will they be able to drive the darkness away? Love, family, and no small amount of murderous intent. Could not put it down!”

What she doesn’t know, won’t hurt them.
What they don’t know, might.

I hate her.
Not just your garden-variety loathing. I hate her with the red-hot burning passion of a thousand suns. My twin brother Jacob concurs, of course.
That’s why we’d decided to kill her.

On Kidney Island, a self-sufficient island homestead and wildlife sanctuary, Jael and Mya would love nothing better than to rid themselves of Jael’s overbearing, zealot Christian stepmonster, so they can stop pretending to be something they’re not, and live happily ever after in their isolated paradise, along with Jael’s twin brother Jacob and his partner, Lance.
But the treachery and machinations of their father’s wife, Tabitha (AKA The Grimm Witch), keeps getting in the way.

The secrets held by everyone will soon come to light, and it could become a case of kill or be killed.

An Isolated Adventure of Dramedy and Mystery


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An Isolated Adventure of Dramedy and Mystery
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