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“From the maudlin to the absurd, and all roads in between, Baeli asserts her unique brand of scathing humor, raw sincerity, and insightful angst in this collection of essays.” ~KIWI Club Reviews

From Being Fully Human:

“It’s a real challenge to be okay when your past rears its head via the opinions from those who were alongside you during the journey; those who saw the dark side of your soul, the ones who might have felt the sting of your lessons, the pain of your anger or angst or confusion. It then becomes about forgiving yourself; and yet, why would we need to forgive something that is intrinsically part of the process and indeed the very reason we are here? While there is a precarious balance between personal accountability and accepting the inevitability of human foibles, this balance can be had, and should be strived for.

I have done so, and continue to do so, even amid my own frustration, confusion and misinterpretations. I am not the same person I was 10 years ago. If I was, it would indicate that I am not evolving. And I find that concept not only unacceptable but repulsive.

I am not merely a human being, but a human, BEING.”

From How to Freak Out Your Ex’s New Love Interest:

  • “So…she finally found someone who would take an ice cube bath and then remain completely motionless during sex?”
  • “I thought your feet would be bigger. They were when I fantasized about you with the control top panties, the spatula and that plate of mayonnaise.”
  • “So, what’s this about a weird noise you make during orgasm?”

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