Another collection of essays from a fresh new voice in nonfiction, Baeli is nothing if not honest. From admitting profound insecurity as an over-forty single lesbian in the dating pool (Id, Ego, Super-Ego & the Social Security Number), to a revealing trip journal during a recent relocation, wherein she falls prey to a panic attack (Going to Denver Because You’re Dead), and the pensive examination of the self in Things I Don’t Need, Too Much World, and Held by Jell-O, the author of Immortality or Something Like It strides unabashed through the battlefield of life familiar to us all, sometimes wearing a jester’s jingling hat. The result is a portrait of a person you can relate to, who says all the things out loud, we can only murmur under our breath, and she does it in a way that makes you want to be counted as one of her friends in the journey.
~KIWI Club Reviews

“A hodgepodge journey through a life examined, a burden shared, and a soul shining with determination and honesty. You will come away from this book feeling like there’s someone out there who really understands what it’s like to suck the marrow out of life.” ~KIWI Club Reviews


Food For Thought: Veganism
Self Sufficiency: Not Just For Survivalists Anymore.
MMA:  The Real Deal, though Homoerotic
Me and Food are Filing for Divorce
Things I Don’t Need.
Herniated Disco: Motivations  & Ruminations
Silk Purses from Sow’s Ears.
Going to Denver Because  You’re Dead (1)
Going to Denver Because You’re Dead (2)
Temporal Anomaly?
The Hunter Conundrum
Immortality or Something Like It
Hope Does Not Float
Obama Wins. Us Too, Maybe.
I’m Having (Gulp) Good Luck.
On the Heels of…
Held by Jell-O.
Shamelessly Stolen Meme Survey
Footie Pajamas in the Street.
Id, Ego, Super-Ego & the Social Security Number.
Maintenance Mike & The Domesticated Harpy.
Kindred Molecules, Deja Vu, and the Noosphere
Horns, Loneliness, Memories & Flight Patterns.
From Dreamword Mant to the Noosphere.
Show & Tell
Stored Memories & Domestic Trivia.
Movie Review: Already Dead.
Food, Sex & Purpose
What Money Can’t Buy
Movie Review: The Descent  

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