“The competition to be a published writer is fierce. The dream of getting published has been overly-romanticized in the media so that many beginning writers think not only that writing is easy, but that they have a good chance of getting a contract from a major house. The odds are, realistically, one in a million-maybe worse than that. We hear about the success stories, not the ones who spend their lives toiling for that dream, to the exclusion of everything else, only to wind up poor, alone, lacking in social skills, and profoundly jaded that life has passed them by.There are so many unpublished writers who pursue this dream, and publishers and agents have had to crack down on the criteria to even LOOK at work sent. And it is very expensive for a writer to submit manuscripts, as I mentioned, and it’s time-consuming as we have to do this repeatedly if we ever hope to get traditionally published. You have to pour lots of money into the endeavor over a period of many years, sometimes. And more often than not, this investment does not return.”

“Kelli Jae Baeli proves herself not just a fine storyteller, but one who’s highly skilled at her craft, both artist and artisan..It’s rare to these days to find a writer whose style is technically so nearly perfect, but who’s also a damned good storyteller… I would apply that comment to Baeli.” ~Have Books Will Review


Diction déjà vu
Reading, Writing & No Arithmetic vol. 1

Part 1: Doing the Writing
Writing Words of Wisdom
Characters: Names & Numbers
Voice: First & Third Person
Style Editing: Word Choice & Attributions
Passive Voice
Adjective Abuse
Weak Attributions
I Heard You the First Time
The Koontz Dangle
The DNA of DNA
How I Begin
iGoogle for Ideas & Reference
My Beginnings….
Opening Passages of my Books.
Critique of Bad Fiction
Setting & Atmosphere
Romancing the Drone
Romancing the Blog: Purple Prose: A Bum Rap
Purple Prose & Metaphoric Misdemeanors
He Said/She Said— Attributions in Fiction
Mapping your Settings
Organic Doesn’t Mean Clueless
Writer’s Block UNblocked.
Check Your Notes Collection.
Get Out Of The Way.
Try Mind-Mapping Or Clustering.
A Think-Through Before Sleep.
Merging Ideas.
Introduce A New Character.
Talk to other writers.
PART 2: Being a Writer
Veteran Aspiring Author
Moratorium on “i”
“Which one is your favorite?”
Jae, Singular, in Need of Plural
Insomnia, Sex, Guilt & Mahjongg
Space Invader
I Wish I Could Write
Genre Horizons: RAOB
Diction Deja Vu
Word of the Day: Scurf
Occupational Hazard
Drive-By Writing
Used by the Muse
Sex is Appalling, But Killing is Okay
Brothers & Sisters & Writing & Dating
“Blogs aren’t legit Writing”
Send Matches or UPS
Mystery Post-it
Random Act of Fiction

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