“Yet again this author has managed to break molds in the stuffy, crowded genre of Lesfic to deliver a breath of fresh air when telling stories about women who love women. Go-Leave-Stay is indeed a romance, yet it’s the unique storytelling and themes that leave you thinking and ruminating long after the last page has been read.” ~Amazon review

Not all happy endings are the ones we plan.

Author Dove Jacobi thought she had found the love of her life. The dream woman with money, power and smoldering good looks.

When British goddess-tycoon Freya Tibitt offers a life of globetrotting, Dove imagines exotic locales enriching her writing, and composing her novels on board a posh jet and in luxury hotel rooms, intertwined with romantic dinners and gondola rides in the Venice waterways. There was nowhere to go but up.

But that didn’t turn out to be the case. The best parts of Freya and of the relationship itself had indeed already happened, and it started at the top. That meant there was really nowhere else to go but down. Dove just hoped it wasn’t the kind of down that had her clinging to her seat cushion as a flotation device. Although, she might need that to keep her head above the waters of a doomed courtship.

Her fairy tale romance is served a dose of reality in a Venice hotel, when room service brings her a dish she wasn’t expecting. Dove has no life to go back to, only a one-way voucher to the destination of her choice—a consolation prize from Freya.

So when an old social acquaintance named Lissa Moon offers her sanctuary, Dove takes it.

Psychologist Lissa Moon likes her life. By day, she works as a school counselor, helping kids learn to cope with becoming adults. By night, she shares her bed as the mood pleases her, but never her heart. She’s got the whole casual sex thing down to a science.

As comfortable in her mind and body as she is in her lifestyle, will 42-year-old Lissa be able to roll with the punches when life takes an unexpected turn or two, forcing her to rethink her definition of happiness?

In a farmhouse in Southern Wisconsin, their lives are about to change again, and this time, it will be on their own terms.


on August 12, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

on July 31, 2017
Format: Kindle Edition

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