A collection of short fiction by bestselling, genre-hopping indie author, Kelli Jae Baeli, which are, as the author says in her Before Words, “some funny, some strange, some serious, and some even flirt with the Dark Side (where, social media tells me, they have cookies).” She adds, “Populating these stories are an unusual alien; a ghost, Captain Kirk; Beowulf’s spoofy illegitimate warrior-daughter, a violence victim; a stiff, oblivious couple; an estranged daughter; a vengeful girl, a confused young woman; murderous offspring; a frustrated female rookie cop…” None have a common thread or common genre, but all are snippets of the style of writing Baeli has become known for, whether in niche-market or mainstream books: unique, interesting, entertaining and clever. ~Lesbian Literati


Before Words i
Teeny Weenie Man 1
Author’s Note on Teeny Weeny Man 37
Chickens Come Home 41
The Ghost & Captain Kirk 47
Therefore, I Am 55
Becoming A Statistic 83
Burn Her to the Ground 93
House Of Escher 101
Snick Snock 111
True Blue Colors 115


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