The Girls in the Band is doing very well in the charts! Thank you, readers! Here’s the FB live video I did on 19Sept2017 TOPIC: sex in lesbian fiction, menopause as it pertains to readers and writers, an erotica project, and many other things. You could call it live STEAMing, I suppose. LOL. Friend me on Facebook!

Melissa and myself in our first FB Live streaming video (16Sept2017). We talk about Hillary’s new book, my new releases, Melissa’s book projects, and calling the cops last night–we hope it wasn’t a hate crime, but our house was shot at.

Kelli Jae Baeli in older videos on how she got started as a writer,
what she has learned, and what it means to her.
She also offers her most frequent words of wisdom to other writers,
aspiring or otherwise.

Kelli Jae Baeli on Writing


The DNA of DNA
Writing “Also Known as DNA,”
Book 2 of the AKA Investigations



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